Training courses for teachers

See below a list of training courses I've conducted or that are planned to happen soon. Some of these can be organized as 3h presentations or 15 to 35 hour full course, including research projects by the participants.

If you wish to know more informations about these courses (dates, locations and registration procedures) or how to have a training section at your school, please contact me.

TI-Nspire is the name of the new generation of graphing calculators by Texas Instruments. This course allows a first contact with this exciting new technology and its capabilities for teaching mathematics.

Available as demonstration (3 hours), training course (15 hours) or training workshop (25 hours).

This course is meant for teachers who want to explore the capabilities of the graphing calculators of the TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus families. It covers subjects as varied as graphing functions and sequences, graphical representation of data and derivatives.

Available as a training course (15 hours) or training workshop (25 hours).

LabQuest is the new data collection interface from Vernier Software & Technology and it's compatible with over 50 sensors and probes (the same ones that one can use with CBL2™ and TI's graphing calculators). This training course explores its capabilities by conducting experiments from the high shchool curricula and proving some of the laws of mechanics, termodynamics, chemistry, biology, earth sciences, etc.

Available as a training workshop (25 hours).

Texas Instruments' graphing calculators can connect to CBL 2™ or CBR 2™, Easy Link® or Easy Temp® to collect and analyze data from lab experiments. This course explores that fact and uses graphing calculators to perform a wide range of experiments from high school curricula (physics, chemistry, biology) using Vernier's sensors and probes.

Available as a training workshop (25 hours).

If you've used TI-Nspire or TI-Nspire CAS and explored its capabilities you know that TI-Nspire is much more than a graphing calculator. The connections beetwen graphics, geometry, spreadsheet and statistics allow for revolucionary applications. TI-Nspire's advanced tools are the theme of this training course.

Available as training workshop (15 hours).

A robot is a great tool to explain concepts such as control, algorithms and quality assurance to students. They do exactly what they're programmed to do and nothing else. Over this course teachers will assemble and program their own Lego® Mindstorms® robot while playing one of many available roles: production worke, team leader, design engineer, quality control technician and project manager.

Available as a training workshop (25 hours).

Interactive whiteboards are now a reality in many classrooms. Their software includes countless features that add interactivity to the contents displayed, allowing the classroom to become a much richer and dynamic environment. However, it takes some acquaintance with this technology to be able to take advantage of it. That is precisely the goal of this course, to allow one to get acquainted with interactive whiteboards and the possibilities they allow.

Available as a training course (15 hours) ou training workshop (25 hours).

Cabri® II Plus is a very complete dynamical geometry software that allows to contruct, manipulate and explore a wide range of geometrical objects. With it we can investigate properties, make conjectures and test them. This course allows a thorough exploration of Cabri's capabilities creating geometrical constructions directly related to Mathematics' curricula.

Available as a training course (15 hours) or training workshop (25 hours).