TI-Nspire to the Limit

This course was planned for those TI-Nspire users that already have some experience and are looking to learn new tools and tricks that allow them to master some of the most advanced features of this tool. The goal is to learn the techniques that allow for some of the constructions available on the TI-Nspire section of this site.

It's strongly advised that only users with previous TI-Nspire experience attend this course.

This workshop is made up of 6 sessions of 3h and 2 sessions of 3h30.


  • Variables, functions and programs; Calling functions from other applications.
  • Dependent and independent objects in geometry; complex geometric constructions.
  • Geometry and Spreadsheet: transfering information beetwen applications.
  • Animations and control; object generation, dynamic objects.
  • Creating complex documents on TI-Nspire: some examples.
  • Presentation of participants' projects.

How to attend?

Usually I perform training courses only in Portugal. If, however, you'd like to have this course at your school, even in a foreign country, have your school contact me to see if it can be arranged.