Dynamic Geometry with Cabri II Plus

The goal of this training course it to allow the participants to get acquainted with dynamic geometry environments and in particular Cabri II Plus. It's meant for middle grades and high school teachers. No previous experience with Cabri II Plus is required.

Throughout the course the participants will develop several activities on Cabri II Plus and as they get more complex new tools will be presented.

It can be organized in two different models:

  • 15 hour training course (5 sessions of 3 hours each)
  • 25 hour workshop (6 sessions of 3h and 2 sessions of 3h30)

The contents of both models are the same. However, on the workshop the final hour of each session (except the last one) will be devoted to solving exercises which will be used to evaluate the participants' performance. Also in the last session the participants will present a project they will develop using the tools presented during the course.


  • Introduction to dynamic geometry environments and Cabri II Plus;
  • Basic constructions: points, lines, segments, circles, triangles; selecting and manipulating geometric objects; defining the objects' visual attributes.
  • Relative constructions: paralel and perpendicular lines, perpendicular bissector, angle bissector, midpoints; regular polygons; measuring lengths, areas and angles.
  • Loci of objects; calculating formulas and capturing data to a table; animations.
  • Property checking (collinear, paralel, equidistant) and object redefinition; transformations (translation, rotation, symmetries).
  • Advanced tools: macros, toolbar customization, system options; exporting constructions to Word documents and internet pages.
  • Workshop only: Development of projects by the participants.

How to attend?

Usually I perform training courses only in Portugal. If, however, you'd like to have this course at your school, even in a foreign country, have your school contact me to see if it can be arranged.