Molecules 3D

In each page of these files you can see the structure of a particular molecule in 3D. Every molecule can be rotated freely or animated.

To better judge distances, the perspective distortion of atom sizes was heavily exagerated.

Due to the large file size, the collection was divided in three parts:

  • File 1, inorganic chemistry: water, carbon dioxide, ammonia, sulfuric and nitric acids, calcium and sodium hydroxide;
  • File 2, organic chemistry: methane, ethane, acetic acid, ethanol, acetone, acetaldehyde;
  • File 3, organic chemistry: methylamine, acetamine, methyl formate, dimethyl ether and benzene.

As the number of atoms increases the performance gets worse. For that reason, molecules like benzene will have a slower animation than water or methane.

Download the Molecule collection in: