This document is a 3D geometry application for TI-Nspire. It allows the user to create and edit objects in 3D space and rotate the construction freely.

Main features:

  • Creates points, lines and planes;
  • Lines can be defibed by two points or two linear equations;
  • Planes can be defined by a linear equation, by three points or 1 point and 1 line;
  • Builds perpendicular and parallel objects;
  • Guides function will draw the dotted segments showing a point's coordinates;
  • Zoom functions to enlarge or reduce the construction;
  • Scrollable constructions, allowing small details to be shown;
  • Improved 3D engine, much faster than previous versions.

Remark: there are two different versions of the Nspir3D, with left-handed and right-handed orientation of the axes. The only difference is that the Oz axis points in the opposite direction. They're similar in everything else.

Download Nspir3D in: