Net force

This activity is made up of two parts:

  • The concept of net force as the vector sum of forces;
  • The net force acting on a body in an inclined plane.

On the first part two vectors representing two forces can be manipulated and rotated in 15° increments, allowing the students to explore how the net force depends not only on the magnitudes of the two forces but also on the angle between them.

On the second part you'll find an inclined plane of adjustable angle (in 15° increments), as well as the weight and an external force acting on a body. Students can adjust the external force, the mass of the body and the slope of the inclined plane and observe the effect those changes have on the net force.

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Download the Net Force activity in:

The Portuguese version of this file is preloaded on the Exemplos folder or TI-Nspire's operating system version 1.7 (when you change TI-Nspire's language to Portuguese).