Talks and hands-on sessions

Here you can find information regarding my lectures about TI-Nspire. Whether it's a hands-on session with step by step instructions or a talk given with a powerpoint presentation, I'll publish of the documentation here.

Note: Although most of the content may be followed independentely, bear in mind that these files were intended to serve as a visual support of the talk/hands-on session. In some cases the information may not be complete. You may download these files for your own personal use only.

A web meeting was held on May 13th about authoring of documents on TI-Nspire. This conference was organized by Michael Houston and I prepared a video presentation on the subject.

Watch the video or download the TNS file.

The T^3 International Conference took place on March 5-7 in Atlanta, GA. This event is the biggest in its kind and it's the best place to exchange ideas and tricks with teachers from all over the world regarding the use of Texas Instruments' educational products.

In this conference I presented a introductory workshop and an advanced lecture about TI-Nspire. If you didn't attent you can download here the workshop handouts.

The KYTN Super-User Group meetings are conferences, held in Tennessee, meant for advanced users of TI-Nspire to share ideas and keep up with current developments in content development for TI-Nspire.

So far there were 3 meetings in May, July and October 2009. I attended the first one and third ones and here you can download the files of the talks I gave on the last meeting, held in October.

Profmat, the annual portuguese conference of Maths teachers took place on September 3, 4 and 5 at Viana do Castelo (on the north of the country, about 400 km north of Lisbon.

In this conference I gave a hands-on session with TI-Nspire called "Probabilistic simulation using TI-Nspire - determining Pi by Monte Carlo method".

The annual meeting of the SNM (Polish Maths Teachers Association) took place in January 2009 at Radom. I gave a hands-on session using TI-Nspire in which a fixed perimeter rectangle is built and the maximal area is determined.