About me...

Hi! My name is Nelson Sousa, I live in Lisbon, Portugal and I'm a Science, Technology and Education consultant. My academic background is both in Physics and Mathematics and after a short research activity in mathematical physics I shifted towards a more educational approach, becoming increasingly interested the teaching of scientifical subjects.

My main activity is lecturing and performing training courses for teachers and students about the use of technology in an educational context.

Previoulsy I worked for several years providing tech support for Texas Instruments' products at the local Educational Dealer, Dismel (link in Portuguese only). I have performed, literally, hundreds of training sessions, being 1 hour lectures, 3 hour demonstrations or 25 hour courses, regarding the use of TI calculators, data acquisition using Vernier's sensors, Cabri software and, more recently, using TI-Nspire in mathematics and science teaching.

I also have other ongoing projects, namely in science vulgarization and the creation of science contents for educational websites, such as e-Escola (link in Portuguese only), a science website of Instituto Superior Técnico, a leading engineering university in Portugal.

I've created this website, not only as a mean to promote my activities but also as a place where I can share my work with anyone interested. And also as a way to learn things like PHP, CSS and MySQL.

About the site...

This website was created using only free software. The database was edited and populated using Base and ODBC Driver. Database management is done on phpMyAdmin. The code was created and edited on Notepad++ and screenshots and photos were in some cases edited using The Gimp. This site is hosted on a Linux server running Apache Why? Because there aren't that many things a commercial application can do that an Open Source one can't do better. And for free!

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